The Chief Priests Decision to Kill Lazarus Symbolizes the Battle Within

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Unlike my other blogs which center of a variety of topics ranging from political issues of the day, to the emergence of social media and the business world in general, my contributions to this blog are driven by the pressing urgency of a particular message.  In short, I am not moved by the quantity of posts but instead by their quality.

Perhaps this level of activity reflects my own journey of faith and the degree of my connection with God through Jesus Christ and the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I read the bible but for the rare exception on a daily basis, carving out of my day the necessary time of solitude to not only comprehend the words, but to also search and yield to the Holy Spirit’s quiet promptings.

While I am on my third or fourth cover-to-cover journey through God’s miraculous Word I find that has often been the case, each time yields another unique and life evolving insight.  Today was no different.

Reading John 12:1 – 11, the verses which stirred in me this new revelation centered on the chief priest’s and in particular the Saduccees decision to try and put Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead, to death.

What this symbolized to me was the proverbial line in the sand between a spirit of disbelief which like our sinful nature exists in all of us born of the flesh, and one of willful disobedience to the point of taking specific action to deny the truth.

While ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law in the secular world, what the Saduccees conspired to do in wanting to kill Lazarus was tantamount to destroying evidence with the full knowledge that they were in the wrong.  Unlike the Pharisees, whose sole focus was Jesus, the Saduccees interest in Lazarus was based on the fact that their doctrine did not support the concept of resurrection.

Clearly by raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus demonstrated that not just the Saduccees, but man’s doctrine in general was and is to this day flawed.

When faced with the overwhelming proof that Jesus Christ was in fact the Son of God, and that resurrection was part of His miraculous and eternal plan, many did in fact believe.

Seeing that they were losing their perceived influence and power within the Jewish community, rather than bowing in acknowledgment and servitude to the God in whom they professed to believe, the Saduccees real character was exposed.  A character that is centered on man as the supreme authority instead of God.

The question that we must all ask ourselves from time to time is simply this, who is at the center of our belief and our world.  Is it God or is it our human nature.

Even though there are trials and tribulations in life, with God there is both certainty and peace.  Given the Saduccees state of mind and intent, no such certainty or peace could be found within their hearts.

Are you at peace? Like me, we all have the propensity to get off track every now and then.  When this happens, and we are living outside of God’s will for our lives, peace can be as elusive as trying to catch the wind.  It is at those moments when we should pause and realign our compass with our Heavenly Father, who loves us unconditionally and only wants the very best for us as His beloved children.


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