Response to Stand-Up for God Video Interesting in it’s Double Standard

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I am moved to share the following video with you because it goes to a much larger issue, where it seems that our collective standards of  judgment or tolerance in terms of what we see, hear and read are less demanding for secular messages than they are for those involving God and Christianity.

In essence open discussions of God and our personal faith, even for those who are Christian is often embarked upon with a certain degree of apprehension as compared to similar circumstances in which faith is not a part of the message being shared.  Specifically, we have no problem espousing our thoughts on a great movie even though it is fiction, and even though some may not share our sentiments.

Conversely, and in our assessment of the information we receive, we may not like the movie itself, but are less likely to criticize its actual creation and dissemination.

The responses to this video provides an example of how the “truth” of the message can unfortunately be lost in a debate for which there is no real significance.

Is the chalk story true.  I do not know.  Nor do I want you to think that the accuracy of information is unimportant, because it is very important.

What I am saying is simply this, whether fact or fiction the underlying message moved me in its symbolism and in the reflection of some very “truthful” sentiments.

Once again, I invite you to view the video and provide your thoughts.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By the way, the following are two responses to the above video, as well as my response.  I look forward to receiving your comments.

Videos like this do NOT help the Christian cause. If you’re going to post something, please make sure it is TRUE first. This is a hoax!!! Send a message to Allen Pilgrim

Okay, um…I’m a Christian, but you guys realize that this is an urban legend that’s been around for more than 100 years, right? Send a message to Cliff Weinstein

My Response:  When Jesus talked in parables it was not the literal description but instead the underlying message that mattered.

The illustration of the professor and the chalk speaks of a world that tempts God just as Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness when he said cast yourself off of this high peak and surely God’s angels will not let you fall.

Urban Legend?  Why is it that we are so willing to accept and be moved by movies that are based on fiction yet view this story through the eyes of an increased scrutiny, unwilling to see the greater meaning?

The power of this story is not whether it happened, but in the truth of the message.

I am on many, many networks and it is amazing how much will be sent through without a second thought.  As soon as this video ended, I immediately sent it through to my networks.



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