The 49th Parallel- Bah Humbug! What’s up with Happy Holidays?

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This past week on the new 49th Parallel Forum Show on Blog Talk Radio we broached the subject of how saying Merry Christmas is considered offensive to those who are not of the Christian faith.  Even calling a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree is being challenged with noisemakers demanding that we refer to the brightly decorated evergreens that are in public places as holiday trees.  (Note: here is the link to the On-Demand version of the December 16th broadcast “The 49th Parallel- Bah Humbug! What’s up with Happy Holidays?“)

The problem I have with this form of self-directed intolerance, and as discussed during the program there are many, is that we as Christians tend to go out of our way not to offend others in terms of their beliefs, but will do little to take a stand to defend our right to publicly proclaim our faith.

Think about it for a moment, what would happen if we told those African Americans who celebrated Kwanzaa that they had to call a Kinara by another name or, we told those of the Jewish faith that they could not extend a Happy Hanukkah greeting or had to refer to the Menorah as a Celebratory Candelabra because we as Christians considered the word Menorah to be offensive?  What do you think . . . would we get push back?

I would hazard a guess that fervent castigation would be more the order of the day, laced with cries of intolerance and bigotry.

So then, if it is unacceptable to enforce our religious values and practices on others, something that I am not suggesting we do, then why do we stand for it when it is directed towards our beliefs?

What are your thoughts?

Oh, and by the way . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for 2011!



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One Response to “The 49th Parallel- Bah Humbug! What’s up with Happy Holidays?”

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Interesting. I believe you make a good point. There is a general disdain via “noise makers” of Christians & those of the Jewish faith. I believe this is spread through academia and media. There has been an unholy war of thought & behavior modification waged against mostly anyone with religious beliefs. In scientific circles as well. Atheists (to which i like) have leaped beyond all reasonable civility. (see Ben Stein as he is exposing this) This “community” is becoming as oppressive as religion was toward science long ago.

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