Questions from a radio broadcast student regarding Internet Radio reminds me that a personal testimony comes in many forms

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I am a fellow believer who came across your information because of my interest in BlogTalkRadio. I was looking for a book about the subject and found your book, Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds, which I bought.  It was there that I found out you are a fellow follower of Jesus – praise the Lord for the things He will allow in our lives that will bring us to the place of surrender to Him!  Been there ~ in fact, the little bit of your testimony I can glean from your site and book resonate with me as my husband and I attempt to recover from our own financial failures.  Anyway, I am inspired by your story and how you seem to be living your passions.

In the opening paragraph from the corresponding post in the sister blog to Light of Love I wrote that The above is an excerpt from an e-mail I received last week and I must admit that whenever I read notes such as these they remind me of one of the main reasons why I love to write.  After all, the true passion of any writer beyond the subject matter upon which his or her text is based, is that somewhere out there in the world the words will resonate with meaning and in the process provide a valuable service by informing and empowering the reader.

Of course, the empowerment to which I am referring can take many forms, especially within the context of a question that was posed in a Christian social network group on LinkedIn which asked “Do I gain or loose by identifying my company as a christian business?”  Writing for 10 blogs, producing or co-producing/hosting 2 Internet Radio Shows, and launching a new Internet TV Channel means that I am in the social media business in a big way.  This creates an opportunity to reach a good many people each week, at which time my thoughts are always centered around Psalm 19:14; Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.  In fact before each broadcast I say a prayer based on this point of scripture expressing my desire to both please and serve God through every show.

What’s interesting is that you do not have to put up a flashing neon sign proclaiming your faith in God, and the wonders that He performs in our daily lives.  You merely have to be well versed in scripture and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, who’s vision and understanding of the Master’s overall plan is complete.  In other words, God knows where He wants us to be, and provides us with the tools to give witness to His Love and His Glory in His way and according to His timetable.

In relation to my book regarding Internet Radio, the title in and of itself does not bear a Christian banner.  However, and in the open preface I write the following:

One final note, and even though the profession of one’s faith is sometimes frowned upon in the realms of the business world, my faith is as much a part of me as my receding hair line and expanding waist line – all by the way, the rewards of turning “50” this year.

While the story itself may very well have the makings for another book, my faith experience has seen me through the tumultuous journey from millionaire to pauper, and from abundant means to abundant need to a restoration based on hope and the confidence that the Good Lord has a plan for my life.

As I look back on a journey that began with an ominous knock on the door one Friday morning in May 2008, when the sheriff served me the papers from an indirect business associate informing me that I had seven days to vacate our sizable family home, I cannot help but feel unencumbered gratitude as it opened a door to what has now become the greatest adventure and experience of my life.

I then close the preface with the words; It is my sincerest hope that this book will in some small way help you to walk through your door of what will ultimately become your greatest adventure . . . Your Show WILL go live in 5 seconds . . .

Based on the response from the college broadcasting student, it would appear that with the profession of one’s faith, one’s actions (and words) truly do speak volumes.  I am just thankful that God has blessed me with the gifts He deemed would be best suited to my being able to serve Him, and that within His wonderful light I have found a peace that truly does transcend all understanding.

My only advice to anyone who asks, is to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and He will guide you to where God wants YOU to be.



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