James 1:13 helped me to see beyond current day trials to the promise of greater things to come

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Yet God does sometimes place His people in adverse circumstances for the purpose of building godly character.

Commentary regarding James 1:13

In explaining the differences between being tempted – which does not come from God as God does not tempt, and being placed in an adverse situation which God does use to build and shape a godly character within each of us, an epiphany of sorts hit me regarding my own situation.

Without going into great detail, 2011 has been a trying year that for the most part has not been of my own doing as circumstances seemed to spiral out of control while placing me in a position to make decisions that I would have never thought I would be making.

Do not get me wrong, this is not a poor nobody likes me, everybody hates me lament that has me wallowing is self pity.  It is just the rapid nature in which life can change and in the process catching you off guard and leaving you wondering what happened, and of course why it happened to which I am referring.

But you know amidst the turmoil God is always reaching out and talking to us, and if we continually and faithfully seek Him through daily prayer and the reading of His word, there are answers and insights that clears the at times obfuscating haze of discontent and upset that leads to a clarity of understanding.

For me the book of James was this gateway to needed insight and peace in that it served to remind me that all things on earth including money, possessions, fame etc. will eventually pass away and as such whatever earthly circumstances one finds themselves in is in reality temporary.

As such, the only real security and certainty in life is indeed with and through God, and as such when you view difficult times through this powerful lens of eternal values you open yourself up to the possibility that difficult times happen for a purpose with only your greater good being the sole objective.

It is amazing what happens when you consider life’s problems within this context as you then begin to yield to trying situations versus fighting against them.  I am of course not suggesting that yielding and giving up are one in the same as giving up means a hopeless surrender without a belief as to the good reasons for and an expected positive outcome of a particular trial, while yielding means that you open yourself up to learning the greater lessons and like the potter’s clay, allow God to shape your Christian character through the adversity you are experiencing.

Let’s put it to you this way, if you are familiar with the story of Joseph you will see that throughout his ascension to becoming one of if not the most powerful persons in Egypt, his journey was fraught with life altering trials.  From his being thrown into a pit by his brothers, then rescued from certain death only to be sold into bondage and then ultimately thrown into jail for a crime he did not commit, considering the chain of events through present day eyes one might easily see only discouragement and a “why me” hopelessness.

But Joseph persevered and whatever character shaping lessons and insights he gained through the uneven events of his life experiences, God ultimately equipped Joseph with the tools he would need to excel at his appointed station.

This is of course the point relative to my journey as well as yours . . . that God does indeed work all things to good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

The only question that remains is simply this . . . towards what ascending realization of your potential is God working towards?  With certainty it is even greater and more rewarding than the difficult times you might be experiencing today.  So yield to God’s will and do not surrender to temporary circumstances.



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