About (The Road to Eternal Love)

From a personal perspective, I had cause to recently consider my own journey to the cross, and the Christian life I have come to enthusiastically embrace.

For many of us, the transformation of our hearts and lives is associated with a gradual series of events that evolve over a lifetime of experiences. 

One such example of the many steps we take on the road to eternity is the birth of my children and the unconditional (as unconditional as humanly possible) love that I feel for them.  From that first moment when I looked into the eyes of my newborn daughter (and of course my son when he was born), I had a sense for the very first time of the love that God must feel for us as His children.  This in turn led to a much deeper level of understanding of the cross and the sacrifice that He made in saving me by offering up His only begotten Son as atonement for my sins.

When I recently viewed the movie the Passion of the Christ, each lash that my Lord took for me had more meaning.  And who, through the renewed lens of parenthood, could not be moved to either repentance or a greater level of understanding, which resulted in an even greater commitment to live one’s life for the Lord.

The purpose of this Blog is to both share and expand upon the experiences that shape and ultimately transform the heart of the believer, while simultaneously reaching out to those who have not yet made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  


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